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Catering specifically for dry, damaged hair, the KMS MoistRepair Cleansing Conditioner delivers the benefits of a shampoo and conditioner in one innovative formula.
Infused with a cocktail of beneficial ingredients, including Lactic Acid, 18-MEA and an innovative AHA Structure Complex, the lightweight blend gently refreshes and purifies hair, whilst infusing strands with intense moisture and hydration. Combats split ends and breakage as it restores the hair's natural protective coating for a salon-worthy finish.
Ideal for dry, damaged and dull hair.

KMS MoistRepair Cleansing Conditioner 750ml

SKU: 122026
Wet hair. Pump 2-3 pumps into palm (use more for longer hair). Massage into hair and rinse. Cleanses with less lather. No need for an additional shampoo or conditioner.
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