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Goldwell Ultra Volume Dust Up is an incredibly effective hair powder that gives a lot of texture and fullness to the hair. By applying the product to the hair roots, one achieves extraordinary volume right down from the scalp, which one can walk and puff up throughout the day. In addition, one can also get it in lengths and tips, to create a more raw and wild look with lots of texture. Even with hair cuts, the powder is quite brilliant. If you are bothering that your hairpins slip out because the hair is too soft and smooth, then the Goldwell Ultra Volume Dust Up is perfect for getting in the hair as well as for the needles before setting up, as it keeps them stuck.

Goldwell StyleSign Ultra Volume Dust Up Volumizing Powder 10g

SKU: 227985
Used in dry hair. Sprinkle the powder at the roots and massage in with the fingertips for fullness at the bottom. For a raw and ruffled look, apply a lot of powder to your palms. Then distribute it lightly into lengths and tips, finish with raking up well on the hair
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